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First Midwest Conference on Culture, Language, and Cognition
May 13-15, 2005

May 13-15, 2005 at Northwestern University

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* Abstracts

The Program in Culture, Language, and Cognition is proud to sponsor a graduate student conference this year. Faculty attendees are encouraged to contact Dr. Wendi Gardner if they would like to host a brunch interest group discussion on Sunday morning/afternoon.

Registration fees are $10 for graduate students, $20 for faculty, and should be mailed to:
Katya Otis
2029 Sheridan Rd.
Swift Hall #102
Evanston IL 60208.
Checks can be made out to Northwestern University.

For more information, please contact Sara Unsworth or Tracy Lavin.


May 13: McCormick Tribune Center - Forum

8:30-9:00 Opening Address by Doug Medin
"The Long and Short of Cultural Research and Why Ethnography Might Be a Good Idea"

Cross-Linguistics and Language Learning (9:00-10:40am)
9:00-9:20 "Headless and Headed Relative Clause Processing in Mandarin"
Yowyu Lin and Susan Garnsey

9:20-9:40 "Pragmatic Functions of the Diminutive in Three Varieties of Colombian Spanish"
Monica Millan

9:40-10:00 "Cross-Linguistic Transfer and Borrowing in Bilingual Narratives"
Margarita Kaushanskaya and Viorica Marian

10:00-10:20 "Para-Phrasing in the Zone of Proximal Development: Latino Child Translators and the Co-Construction of Knowledge"
Julia Eksner

10:20-10:40 "Word Order, Animacy, and Agreement Cues in Sentence Processing by L1 Mandarin EFL Learners"
Yowyu Lin

10:40-11:00 BREAK
The Impact of Experience and Beliefs on Cognition and Behavior (11:00-1:00pm)
11:00-11:20 "Biological Determinism vs. Social Constructionism: Implicit Theory of Race Moderates Cultural Frame Switching for Mainstream Culture Primes among Ethnic Minority Biculturals"
Sun No and Ying-yi Hong

11:20-11:40 "What Happens When We Encounter a Foreign Culture? A Dynamic Constructivist Approach to Intercultural Contact"
Manchi Chao and Ying-yi Hong

11:40-12:00 "Language Alternation, Multicultural Space, and Identity Representations"
Rakesh M. Bhatt

12:00-12:20 "Navigating the Social World: Some Evidence for Increased Social Flexibility among Biculturals"
Kristy Dean and Wendi L. Gardner

12:20-12:40 "The Role of Expertise in Native American Reasoning About Biological Kinds"
Sara Unsworth and Douglas Medin

12:40-1:00 "Cultural Models of Nature and Their Relevance to Science Education"
Megan Bang, Janae Townsend, Sara Unsworth, and Douglas Medin

1:00-2:00 LUNCH
Culture and Cognition: East and West Differences
2:00-2:20 "Thinking about 'Me' or 'Us': Self Construal Priming and Fluency in East and West"
Nicholas Sorensen, Daphna Oyserman, Norbert Schwarz, Oona Cha

2:20-2:40 "fMRI Investigation of Cross-Cultural Differences in Object-Context Processing"
Angela Gutchess

2:40-3:00 "Cultural Differences in Visuospatial Working Memory and Attention"
Aysecan Boduroglu, Priti Shah, and Richard Nisbett

3:00-3:20 "Culture and Phenomenological Experiences: Their Relation to Perspective Taking in Mental Models"
Ka-yee Leung and Dov Cohen

3:20-3:40 BREAK
The Relationship Between Beliefs, Culture, and Language
3:40-4:00 "The Influence of a Local Dialect in Catholic Holy Week: The Sevillano Dialect"
Antonio Manuel Rueda Mesa

4:00-4:20 "A Phonostatistic Approach to Intelligibility: A Comparison Between American English and Jamaican English"
James H. Yang

4:20-4:40 "Language as Identity in Modern India, or How Language Politics Broke Bombay, Made Maharashtra"
Shreeyash Palshikar

4:40-5:00 "Mediating Basque Identity Through Pedagogical Materials"
Maria Ciriza

May 14: Garrett Main Building, room 205
Culture, Language, and Education
8:30-8:50 "Culture and Communication in the Spanish Language Classroom"
Virginia Shen

8:50-9:10 "Korean Language Policy in Education: Assessing Motivational Language Learning Attitudes of Korean K-12 Students and Parents Toward English vs. Hancca
Jaeduck Park

9:10-9:30 "Reading Teachers Read: Uncovering English Teachers' Personal Orientations to Reading"
Malayna Bernstein

9:30-9:50 "Hough Doo Sekund, Therd, & Forth Graiders Rede Gnew Wirds"
Maya M. Khanna, Michael J. Cortese, Lara M. I. Shaffer, & David A. Balota

9:50-10:10 BREAK
Ethnography, Language, and Cultural Research (10:10-12:10)
10:10-10:30 "Teaching an Ethnographic View of Interpersonal Communication"
Leila Monaghan

10:30-10:50 "Permission Slips: Language Choice, Informed Consent, and Educational Context in Research on Minority Language Revitalization"
Emily McEwan-Fujita

10:50-11:10 "Carnaval and Brazilian Racial Categories: Why Statistics and Ethnography are Both Critical for Understanding Folk Beliefs"
Michael Baran

11:10-11:30 "The Role of Cultural Factors in Linguistic Maintenance and Endangerment: The Case of Piana degli Albanesi, Sicily"
Eda Derhemi

11:30-11:50 "Past Memories and Present Critiques: Cognition in Action in Oceania"
Janet Dixon Keller

11:50-12:10 "Culture and Illness"
Elizabeth Lynch

12:10-1:00 LUNCH
Cultural Processes Reflected in Language and Communication (1:00-3:00)
1:00-1:20 "Terms of Address in Boondei Families"
Aimee Johansen

1:20-1:40 "Personal Storytelling Practices with Young Children in Euro-American and Taiwanese Families: A Longitudinal Study of Early Socialization"
Eva Chian-Hui Chen, Shumin Lin, Peggy J. Miller, and Heidi Fung

1:40-2:00 "The Rhetoric of Hate: An Analysis of Gender and Metaphor in Hate Speech"
Tarini Bedi

2:00-2:20 "The Effects of Naming Practices on Children's Understanding of Living Things"
Florencia K. Anggoro, Sandra R. Waxman, and Douglas L. Medin

2:20-2:40 "Hot and Cold War: An Outcome of the Rational Decision Filter"
Antonio Reyes-Rodriguez

2:40-3:00 "Her Beautiful Face Opened the Door to the World: Representation and Evaluation of Working-Class Female Victims of Violence, and Upper-Middle Class Women in Newspapers Published in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico"
Isabel Velazquez

3:00-3:20 BREAK
Cultural Research and Approaches for Studying Culture and Cognition (3:20-5:00)
3:20-3:40 "Locating Consensus on Welsh Identity in the Employment of the Symbols of Welshness"
Steven Maas

3:40-4:00 "Beyond Modularity: A Self-Correcting Model of Cognitive Architecture"
Elizabeth Bartmess

4:00-4:20 "Cultural Repertoires of Markets - Markets for Cultural Repertoires"
Klaus Weber and Simona Giorgi

4:20-4:40 "A Reformulation of Language and Thought Symbiosis"
Sevda Numanbayraktaroglu

4:40-5:00 "Language, Vision, and the Tongan Concept of Neighborhood"
Giovanni Bennardo

5:00-5:30 BREAK

5:30-6:00 Closing Talk by John Lucy

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